IX Web Hosting昨天我们已经提到IXWebHosting的一台服务器出现故障,到目前为止这台服务器还没有恢复。故障时间以远超过30个小时了,单纯这一次故障,这一年就不到99.6%了。这样算来这台服务器的运行时间保证就不能到达99.9%了。而IXWebHosting有运行时间保证的,否则退款。Uptime Or Cash Guarantee。不知道这次IXWebHosting是否能真正做到这一点。到时候我们将通过客户的信息来检验这一点。如果真能做到这一点,那说明IXWebHosting还是非常值得信任的。

IX Uptime Or Cash™ Guarantee

IX Web Hosting guarantees that your website will be up and running at least 99.9% of the time during any 12-month period. This guarantee includes network uptime, server uptime, web server and service uptime. It does not cover any areas where IX Web Hosting has no direct influence, such as backbone provider failures, fibre-optic main line cuts, DNS or Registrar issues with subscriber’s domain name, routing issues between subscriber location and IX Web Hosting data center. The uptime guarantee is also not applicable if the service interruption was caused by external issues such as Acts of God, Wars or any other natural or unnatural events that IX Web Hosting cannot directly influence.

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