IX Web Hosting今天IX Web Hosting一台位于俄亥俄数据中心的用户服务器,因为硬件故障导致该服务器无法使用,所有位于该服务器的网站将无法访问。因为一用户无法访问他的网站,我跟他们的在线技术支持联系,被告知该服务器估计还需要15个小时才能恢复。看来这次的故障不小。下面是他们的技术支持提供的信息:

I am very sorry for this recent inconvenience, please accept my sincere apologies. this server is under emergency maintenance, there is some problems with hardware this server rebooted in safe mode, tech support working on the problem and trying to do all possible for us.

ETA ~ Tomorrow @ 12:00pm

9:31 pm EDT in Ohio Data Center (当前时间)
~15 hours from now

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