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  • 78%的reseller认为,域名是他们最畅销的产品,虚拟主机排名第二,电子邮件产品排名第三;
  • 42%的受访者认为GoDaddy分销商计划(GoDaddy reseller plan)可以很自然的融合到他们现有的业务之中,因此他们购买了GoDaddy分销商计划(GoDaddy reseller plan)。
  • 47%的做分销商(Reseller)已经1-3年。
  • 30%已经使用了Express电子邮件营销(Express Email Marketing)帐户。每一个Reseller帐号都免费拥有这样的Express电子邮件营销(Express Email Marketing)帐户,没有使用的Reseller可以尝试一下,反正是免费的。
  • 70 %的人希望扩大他们的市场影响。可以从eSeller, Reseller Chat 和 Reseller Roundup Blog 获取一些方法和灵感。

Interesting factoids about the survey respondents:

  • 78% said Domain Names were their top-selling product, with Hosting coming in second and Email products ranking third.
  • 42% bought their reseller plan because it was a natural add-on to their existing business.
  • 47% have been resellers for 1-3 years.
  • 30% have used their Express Email Marketing® account, included free with every reseller plan. If you’re part of the other 70%, don’t miss this month’s Reseller Marketing Tip!
  • 70% say they would like help to expand their marketing efforts. Be sure to keep up with eSeller, Reseller Chat, and the Reseller Roundup Blog for ideas!


GoDaddy reseller plan

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